Ms. Quiroz                    Principal/Director MAED, ADM

Ms. Hanson                  Assistant Principal/Director; M.Ed.

Ms. Anderson               Special Ed Teacher  

Mr. Petersen                 Teacher 

Ms. Shannon                 Teacher

Ms. Vampola                 Special Ed Teacher 

Mr. Johnson                  Paraprofessional

Ms. Kiser                        Paraprofessional

Mr. Newson                   Paraprofessional

Ms. Ortner                     Paraprofessional

Mr. Villegas                   Paraprofessional

Ms. Soby-McGill          Paraprofessional

Ms. Nordin                    Social Worker LMHP/CMSW

Ms. Mahoney                 LMHP/ Paraprofessional

Ms. Soby                         CSW  Social Worker

Mr. Adams                      LMHP

Ms. Domina                   Secretary/Tech Coordinator

If you are interested in joining our team of professionals, please print an application and mail/scan and e-mail it along with your resume to:  

Ms. Mary Quiroz; Heartland School; 5731 S. 108th Street; Omaha, NE  68137  

scan/email to:

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