Heartland School

Mission Statement:    To provide educational services to students (K-12), who are verified behaviorally disordered, in a therapeutic success-based program. 

The Heartland school multi-disciplinary team will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where students gain knowledge and skills, which will make them successful as mainstream  individuals.


  • Students will gain knowledge and skills through an individualized education program (IEP) developed by the Heartland multidisciplinary team, the student, parents and home district officials.  
  • Students will gain increased physical and mental health through a success-based nurturing program in an environment with a low student to staff ratio.  Students are constantly supervised in a physically small self-contained environment.
  • Students will develop a positive self-image, responsibility to self, and the ability to function as self-directed individuals in mainstream situations through individualized instruction, social skill trailing and vocational transaction activities.


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